13.1 Shop Setting

The User can manage the tables, change store profiles, business time, delivery fee, and reward points setting

13-1. Table management Add or delete the tables, and check & update the QR Code.

(1) Choose table number, the regularly used tables will be on the top of the list. ()

(2) Table status, Close or active the tables ()

(3) Click to search the table (Red Arrow), and the table information will display on the page, or the system will default to displaying all tables.

(4) Click to review (), and the QR Code will display on the screen ().

(5) Click to update (), and a new page will show (), then click “confirm” (Red Arrow) to update the QR Code.

(6) Click to review the mobile Webpage Menu ()

(7) Click to review the normal Webpage Menu ()

(8) Click “Edit” (), to edit the table number, vacancy of customers, and priority on the list and display the results on the POS machine. ()

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