7.1 Sign in Record

The page will record all staff sign-in records. Click to choose a time range, to check the record f (As Red Arrow)

(1) The Sign-in Record is only available for a maximum of 31 days. Without choosing the time range, the system defaults to displaying the record of the current day.

(2) The current day will display in blue colour ()

(3) Chosen time range will display in light blue colour, the starting time displayed as a white letter and a blue background, and the end time displays as a white letter with a purple background colour.  ()

(4) On the left bottom of the Time Range, the user will find the quick buttons: today, yesterday, and last month. ()

(5) Choose the time (②③④Red Arrow), it can be accurate to the minute and second. ()

(6) Choose and confirm the date & time and confirm (Red Arrow), choose the staff name (), and click to search (Red Arrow), the page will display the staff’s sign-in and sign-out records. ()

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