3. Sales Order

The user can analyse the sales details from the different order type

(1) Order Type Three Types of options: Dine-in, Pick-Up, Delivery (As)

(2) Staff Name: Choose the staff to review his/her sales details. (As②)

(3) Delivery company: Choose a different delivery company to check the total sales order from the chosen delivery company. (As③)

(4) Payment Status Choose the payment status (Paid/Pending) to check the sales order. (As)

(5) Ordering Time The system default shows the 7 days sales. (As), choose the specific time to check those sales for the requirement.

(6) Sales Amount Search the Sales Range to check the sales order (As)

(7) Confirm and click “search” (Red Arrow), the details will display as , Order Type: Dine-in /Pick-up /Delivery; Payment Status: Paid/Pending, Created At Ordering time.

(8) Click (Red Arrow) to check the order’s details.

(9) Sales Details

Shows the discount off for this order

Shows surcharge amount for this order.

*The original price shown in the Red arrow border; custom discount as () and promotion discount () custom surcharge()Card payment surcharge fee (); delivery fee (), the red arrow for order amount shows the final amount need to pay.

Choose the card payment: the surcharge fee will display here (The fee range can be set around 13-2, modify the store profile to change.

⑪ For the delivery order, the amount will be displayed here if it requires the delivery fee. (The delivery fee can be set around 13-2, modify the store profile to change.)

⑫Display the promotion discount on the amount.

(10) Payment Details: The page displays the process trading and payment detail. For example, the order is paid at 17:14:25 by card payment, till it is cancelled at 17:15:14 (As⑬); then make another payment at 17:15:17, and the payment is accepted at 17:15:17. (As⑭)

(11)Pick-up info: the pick-up order will display the contact number(⑮), pick-up time(⑯), and name(⑰).

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