9.4 Ordering

Finalising Transaction Record #

The user can review the transaction finalising time and details on this page.

18Sales Amount: Total gross sales.

19Sales Quantity: How many products are sold?

20Average Sales: Average price for the total sales.

21Settle Time The starting and finalising time.

22Operator: The staff who operates this transaction.

23Cash Box Open Times How many times is the cash box being opened?

24Last Cash Float Out Cash being deposited from the last transaction in this record.

25Cash Float In: The user can review how much no-transaction cash is deposited in the Cash Box (For example, the staff deposit the coin change coin to pay out conveniently.)

26Cash Sales Calculate the total cash payments.

27Cash Estimated Balance The total cash amount paid by the customers.

28Cash Pay Out The total cash is paid to the customers on the payout record.

29Cash Float Out The cash amount should be prepared for the next transaction day

30Cash in Drawer The total cash balance should be in the cash box

*If the red cash data in the Cash Box is not equal to the system record, please check the staff’s operation process or cash amount do not record in the system.

31Order Type Percentage: The user can review the order type percentages through a pie chart. And the details of all types of percentages will be on the right side.

32 Payment Method Percentages: The user can review the Payment Method percentages through a pie chart. And the details of all payment methods of ratios will be on the right side.

33 Products Statistic Ranking the products on the total sales. The popular products will be on the top.

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