4.1.1 Add a New product

Table of Contents
Click the arrow to add a new product

Basic information #

Main settings: Products’ name, price, images.

(1) ①Input a name, left Red * means the user cannot keep it empty here.

(2) Barcode is not a must-input option. If the user uses a barcode scanner, input a barcode number in ②. And the LinkPos system also can use the barcode to search the products (As ⑩)

(3) Choose the category for this product in

(4) Click ”+”() to upload the product picture. Suggested image quality 400*200 pixel, length: width – 2:1.

(5) Input price in , maximum to the cent.

(6) To edit the existing products, click the right “special price” button beside the normal price⑪, to reduce the original price, the special price must be lower than the original price. (As). An error will occur if the special price is higher than the original price. Right-click the calendar on the right side (As) to activate the special price during the pre-set date & time. (As) choose “Active”, click confirm and update, and then the special price will be activated on the POS, during the pre-set date & time. (As); Choose “Inactive”, and the special price will not be activated on the POS, during the chosen period.

(7) The unstable price can be set as a marketing price (As), and choose the quantity accounting method. (As) Choose “kilogram or each”, confirm to finish the setting

(8) Click⑦ to choose the printing area and it will automatically print out the tickets when the payment is finished.

(9) Click⑧ to set the priority of products displayed on the system, the higher numbers will be top.

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