1. Press the Menu button to open the Transaction Menu.

2. After pressing the Menu key, you will see the following screen.

3. Choose the Refund option from the available choices and press Enter.

4. After you press the Enter, the following screen will appear.

5. Enter the amount you want to refund when asked. The terminal will show the amount; if its correct, press the Enter (Green Button on the Machine).

NOTE: When entering the number, the format should automatically include the decimal point. For example, if you input ‘123’, it will be interpreted as ‘1.23’.

6. Swipe your Merchant Refund Card when prompted.

NOTE: The merchant card will be provided by Windcave and included in the box. The card will include your company’s name as well. 

7. Then enter your merchant PIN.

8. The screen will look like below after you insert the pin.

9. The machine will ask you to swipe the merchant card.

10. You can swipe the merchant card from the right side of machine as shown in figure below.

11. After you swipe the merchant card, hand the terminal to the cardholder to let them insert /tab/swipe their card and enter their PIN or other verification method.

12. Once done, the terminal will show the transaction result, and a receipt for the cardholder will be printed, indicating the outcome of the transaction.

13. After completing these steps, you will return to the home screen automatically in a few seconds.

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