Linkpos is a POS system designed and developed inorder to help different businesses to operate their day to day transactions in a systematic and simplified way. Currently, this application is available on IOS, Android and Windows.

After successful login, the dashboard is shown as shown in the image below.

  • The Hamburger icon as shown on top right corner (1) is used to access the settings and the history of the transactions and other additional functionalities.
  • In-store (2) is the main dashboard which allows users to initiate the order on a table or room as set up by the vendors.
  • Pick-up (3) is used to initiate the pickup orders. This can be either from the Ubereats or order on call.
  • Delivery (4) is used to set up the order for delivery to the customers. Users can check the location if the delivery distance is covered.
  • Messages (5) is the optional notes provided by the customers for their order. This can also be the call from the kiosk machine from the customers in the store as well.
  • Booking(6) is used to initiate the booking from tables or rooms according to the time.
  • M-buy (7) is another unique system, where users are allowed to pay via their phone during the pickup or at the very end of their food order.
  • The top right corner ‘Online’ (10) indicates the status of the system whether it is connected to the internet or not. To refresh, press on recycle icon (10).
  • To initiate the new order, press on room or table (8) then select ‘+ New’ (9).

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