4.1 Product List

The user can review, add and edit all products on this page

(1) Review and search the product

Five Methods to search the products

1. Product Catalogue

2. The Special Tage for the promotion

3. Products name

4. Products Barcode

5. Products Status (active, draft)

6. Low-stock Product only

Click Red Arrow to search the products and it will display all products without any conditions.

(2) Click View&Edit () to view, edit or delete the selected product.

1.Click to view & edit the product, and the top-right corner will display four functions buttons:

”Back” will back to the product list without any change.

”Reset” will delete all details and setting

”Delete” will delete the selected product and back to the product list.

”Update” will keep the edited result and setting, and back to the product list. Click “Refresh” on the POS machine, the product will be updated on the menu.

2. Click “Copy” () to duplicate the product details to a new product(), and then change the product priority, price or setting. The user can use “Copy” to add similar products to save time and reduce the fault setting.

3. Click”Quick Edit, the basic product information will display in the same position and be activated to edit. The user can quickly modify the product’s main info.

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