10.2 Order Report

Table of Contents

Order Statement #

The user can download order statements within the chosen range.

(1) The statements can be catalogued by order Type (In-Store, Pickup, Delivery)

(2) Click the time range (As⑥Red Arrow) to choose the order time, the time range provides the data of a maximum of 7 days. Without choosing a time range, the system will default to choosing the last 7 days. (As)

(3) Choose the Payment status (As)

(4) Choose the delivery companies. (As)

(5) Choose payment status (Unpaid, Paid, Refund) (As)

(6) Choose the price range (As), confirm the price range and click to search. (As⑩Red Arrow), Click the button at the right bottom to download the order statement (Excel Documents).  (As Orange Arrow)

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